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June 2020

IEDA Announces Launch of Revamped Website, Hosted by Sandhills Global

VICTOR, New York — June 7, 2019

The Independent Equipment Dealers Association (IEDA) is a self-regulating organization dedicated to advancing the goals of independent used equipment dealers and related businesses worldwide. The IEDA’s website is a vital part of its mission to help reputable equipment dealers build more profitable relationships, and to provide its members with the resources, tools, and support to strengthen those connections. In order to elevate the website’s usefulness, accessibility, and educational value to current and prospective members, the IEDA has worked with Sandhills Global to build a completely revamped website at

Sandhills is the Nebraska-based tech company behind such brands as Machinery Trader, TractorHouse, Truck Paper, and “Sandhills and the IEDA share complementary goals in helping equipment dealers become more successful,” says Sandhills’ Director of North America Construction Stephanie Olberding. Machinery Trader is an Associate Member of the IEDA and is a Sponsor Level Affiliate of the IEDA. “We’re proud to support the IEDA through our membership and sponsorship roles, and in the development of the organization’s new website,” Olberding adds.

“The IEDA represents a support network for independent and used heavy equipment dealers worldwide,” says Executive Director Kristen Williams. “This new website and inventory platform invites visitors to learn about our reputable network of dealers, apply for an appropriate level of membership, and then encourages them to do good business within our qualified network.”

As IEDA President Luke Brenner explains, “This transition to work with Sandhills makes sense for the organization, and we are very excited to showcase this new website. The IEDA has grown considerably over the last three to five years, and this new platform reflects that growth and direction.”

Within IEDA, Standard Members buy and sell equipment on a wholesale and retail level. Associate Members offer products and/or services to the core group. Prospective members must apply for membership and be approved by the IEDA Board of Directors. For more information about the organization and membership opportunities, contact IEDA directly.

About IEDA

Established in 2002, the Independent Equipment Dealers Association is a non-profit trade association promoting participation, professionalism, and advancement in the independent distribution of heavy equipment. IEDA’s self-regulating body of independent dealers pride themselves on being reputable, highly qualified professionals in the used equipment market worldwide.


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