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June 2020

Sandhills Introduces New Equipment Inspections Features In Inventory Management App

LINCOLN, Nebraska — August 30, 2016

The Sandhills Cloud (a suite of industry-specific, platform agnostic business tools and apps for dealers, manufacturers, auctioneers, and other businesses in the construction, agriculture, transportation, and aviation industries) includes inventory management features that simplify and streamline equipment inspections for users. The new rollouts further evolve Sandhills' apps, business tools, and hosted technology services to better accommodate the specific needs of buyers and sellers in these industries.

The mobile-friendly Inventory Management app makes accessing, processing, and referencing equipment and aircraft information especially easy. Users input inventory specs and information and upload photos directly from their mobile devices. Inspections follow a standardized format, ensuring that data is collected consistently and thoroughly. And, because the Sandhills Cloud works in conjunction with Sandhills' print and online advertising outlets (including Truck Paper, TractorHouse, Machinery Trader, and Controller), specs, information, and photos are pulled directly from the app into online and in print listings, making marketing efforts seamless.

Users eliminate cumbersome and unneeded emails and paper trails, and standardize inspection procedures across divisions, locations, and staff. In addition to improving internal business efficiencies, the new inspections features in the Inventory Management app ensure accountability at every step with oversight checkpoints for UEMs (Used Equipment Managers) and other dealership personnel. Standardized, thorough information ensures that buyers receive the details they need, effectively generating high-quality sales leads. The app is also a useful reference for staff. "The app is mobile, and it's easy to use, so it keeps inventory right there in the salesperson's pocket," explains Sandhills Department Manager Eddie Turner. "A salesperson can easily reference the app to recall a specific detail about a machine, whether they're out on the lot with a customer or offsite."

Future iterations of Sandhills' Inventory Management app will focus on managing and editing inventory more succinctly, including features that make editing and referencing inventory listings simpler for sales staff. Future rollouts will also include features that simplify rental fleet management with asset check-in/check-out and cost tracking. The Sandhills Cloud also continues to evolve, integrating user security roles that put dealers in control of the data their staff can access.

The Inventory Management app is part of a comprehensive list of apps and tools that help businesses engage customers in retail, wholesale, and auction markets. Other apps are focused on internal business processes including organizing customer relationships and leads, measuring return on advertising investments, gauging the reach and success of hosted websites and online listings, and much more.