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June 2020

Sandhills Market Snapshot Shows Dozer Values Trending Up at Auction and Retail, Wheel Loader Values Remain Steady

LINCOLN, Nebraska — November 24, 2021

New market reporting from Sandhills Global examines the used heavy-duty construction market, which in October posted a 17% year-over-year increase in auction values and a 11.4% YOY increase in asking values. The YOY gains are underscored by noteworthy short- and long-term trends in the dozer and wheel loader equipment categories. These trends and more are showcased in Sandhills' Market Snapshot, a tool found within Sandhills' TelematicsPlus portal that considers equipment value index positions relative to the short- and long-term moving average.

Unlike some market analysis methods that examine dozens or hundreds of data points and can thereby produce reporting with skewed results, Sandhills analysis uses tens of thousands of data points to deliver precise reporting. In the construction market alone, Sandhills' reporting considers over three million data points to accurately reflect true market conditions and actual used equipment values. Buyers and sellers can use the information in Sandhills Market Snapshot to monitor equipment markets and maximize returns on acquisition, liquidation, and related business decisions.

Earthmoving Equipment Values Increasing Overall

“Sandhills' Market Snapshot shows crawler dozer asking values are trending up and auction values are confirmed up,” says Matt Sterup, Machinery Trader Contractors Department manager. “Short-term values for wheel loaders tell a different story. The data indicates wheel loader asking values are trending down and auction values are holding steady. When taking the long view of this data, we see that wheel loader asking values have been trending upwards since Q2 2021, so sellers need to keep a sharp eye on these values moving forward.”

Used Dozer Values and Inventory Levels

  • Asking values for dozers have been steadily increasing throughout 2020 and 2021
  • Market Snapshot indicates crawler dozer asking values are up 8% YOY while auction values are up 16.4% YOY
  • Inventory levels for crawler dozers are down 30.2 % YOY

Used Wheel Loader Values and Inventory Levels

  • In October, wheel loader asking values were up just 0.6% YOY while auction values were up 4.4% YOY
  • The downward monthly direction in wheel loader asking value represents the short-term drop, compared to the positive YOY value trend
  • Used wheel loader inventory is down 34.2% YOY, from 8,206 in October 2020 to 5,612 in October 2021

Get Market Insights

Sandhills Global's Value Insight Portal (VIP) includes access to TelematicsPlus, providing visibility into the Sandhills Equipment value monthly index, and asset valuations powered by FleetEvaluator, Sandhills' proprietary asset valuation tool. The monthly index and market direction are based on a large sampling of data that yield accurate details about current and long-term trends.

For access to these tools and other fleet analytics metrics, contact Matt Sterup at [email protected] . About Sandhills Global

Sandhills Global is an information processing company headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska. Our products and services gather, process, and distribute information in the form of trade publications, websites, and online services that connect buyers and sellers across the construction, agriculture, forestry, oil and gas, heavy equipment, commercial trucking, and aviation industries. Our integrated, industry-specific approach to hosted technologies and services offers solutions that help businesses large and small operate efficiently and grow securely, cost-effectively, and successfully. Sandhills Global—we are the cloud.

About the Sandhills Equipment Value Index

The Sandhills Equipment Value Index (EVI) is a principal gauge of the estimated market values of used assets—both currently and over time—across the construction, agricultural, and commercial trucking industries represented by Sandhills Global marketplaces, including , , , , and other industry-specific equipment platforms. Powered by FleetEvaluator , Sandhills' proprietary asset valuation tool, Sandhills EVI provides useful insights into the ever-changing supply-and-demand conditions for each industry.

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