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June 2020

Used Skid Steer Values Show Substantial Gains Based on Broad Analysis of 20,000-Plus Data Points

LINCOLN, Nebraska — August 30, 2021

New market reporting from Sandhills Global shows substantial year-over-year gains in skid steer retail and auction values within Sandhills marketplaces over a three-month period ending July 31st, 2021. Based on analysis of more than 20,000 data points, the Sandhills Equipment Value Index (EVI) identifies a 13% improvement in auction values and a 7% improvement in retail values for skid steers, including track and wheel models.

Unlike some market analysis methods that examine dozens or hundreds of data points and can thereby produce reporting with skewed results, Sandhills’ analysis uses tens of thousands of data points to deliver precise reporting that accurately reflects true market conditions and actual used equipment values. Buyers and sellers can use the information in Sandhills EVI to monitor equipment markets and maximize returns on acquisition, liquidation, and related business decisions.

Historically High Skid Steer Values

Skid steer values for the three-month period ending in July are higher than anything Sandhills has seen historically. A combination of increasing demand and decreasing inventory is driving these changes. Focusing in on specific time periods and track vs. wheel skid steers, Sandhills reporting shows:

  • Track skid steers posted an 8% YOY improvement in retail EVI and a 13% YOY improvement in auction EVI in July
  • Wheel skid steers were up 5% YOY in retail EVI and showed a 10% YOY improvement in auction EVI, also in July 
  • The Sandhills EVI, based on a vast amount of data, shows unit drops within the skid steer market of 2,424 units in the three months ending in July compared from over 3,100 units in the same period last year, or a 22% YOY decrease in units sold; this is largely due to a 46% YOY drop in inventory, with 9,300 units currently vs. 17,300 units last year

Get Market Insights

Sandhills Global’s Value Insight Portal (VIP) includes access to TelematicsPlus, providing visibility into the Sandhills Equipment value monthly index, and asset valuations powered by FleetEvaluator, Sandhills’ proprietary asset valuation tool. The monthly index and market direction are based on a large sampling of data that yield accurate details about current and long-term trends.

For access to these tools and other fleet analytics metrics, contact Matt Sterup at [email protected].

About the Sandhills Equipment Value Index

The Sandhills Equipment Value Index (EVI) is a principal gauge of the estimated market values of used assets—both currently and over time—across the construction, agricultural, and commercial trucking industries represented by Sandhills Global marketplaces, including,,,, and other industry-specific equipment platforms. Powered by FleetEvaluator, Sandhills’ proprietary asset valuation tool, Sandhills EVI provides useful insights into the ever-changing supply-and-demand conditions for each industry.