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June 2020

Sandhills Global Market Data Reveals Equipment Categories Trending Up, Plus Big Changes to Average YOY Values in Day Cabs and Combines

LINCOLN, Nebraska — November 9, 2020

A new Sandhills Global market data report reveals substantial swings in year-over-year average values in major used equipment categories across the agriculture, construction, and heavy-duty truck markets. Sandhills high-level reports distill essential takeaways and underlying metrics for equipment buyers and sellers, information that is especially critical when preparing for year-end sales.

Chart Takeaways

Sandhills market data reports are based on the massive pool of worldwide data from Sandhills marketplaces including,,, and Buyers and sellers can use the information to track the pulse of the market and get the biggest return for specific assets with changing values. Trends to note include:

  • The commercial truck market is marginally up 0.07% YOY for October, but when broken down by category, Sandhills market data shows that heavy-duty day cabs are driving the increase with a 4.27% YOY average value jump.
  • Within the day cab market, trucks 10 years or older displayed the most strength, a remarkable 11% YOY average price increase.
  • In the construction market, which is up 1.9% YOY, loader backhoes led the way with a 2.9% YOY average price jump in October. Near historic lows in loader backhoe inventory were the most likely driver for the average value increase.
  • Average used equipment values in the agriculture market increased 3.56% YOY. The significant increase is highlighted by a 6.1% YOY average price variance for combines.
  • Combines in the 0- to 5-year age group contributed strongly to the positive YOY gains, with average values up 3% YOY in the 2WD and 7% YOY in the 4WD group.

Obtain The Full Report

For more information, or to receive detailed analysis from Sandhills Global, contact us at [email protected].

About Sandhills Used Price Index

Sandhills Used Price Index is a principal gauge of the estimated market values of used assets—both currently and over time—across the construction, agricultural, and commercial trucking industries represented by Sandhills’ marketplaces. Powered by FleetEvaluator, Sandhills’ proprietary asset valuation tool, the Used Price Index provides useful insights into the ever-changing supply-and-demand conditions for each industry.