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June 2020

Sandhills Publishing Announces Company Name Change

LINCOLN, Nebraska — April 10, 2019

Sandhills Publishing announced this week that it will change its name to Sandhills Global. The Nebraska-based tech company attributes the evolution to exponential growth over the last four decades, including the advancement of its product portfolio and global market share.

Founded in 1978 under the name Peed Corp., the company quickly established itself with the launch of Machinery Trader, a trade publication connecting buyers and sellers of heavy machinery and construction equipment. Following its early growth and a relocation to Lincoln, Nebraska—where it is today headquartered—Peed Corp. became Sandhills Publishing. The name pulled inspiration from the sandhill crane, a species native to North America that makes a ceremonious annual migration through Nebraska’s Platte River valley. The name paid homage to the company’s home state, while also honoring the birds’ persevering efforts to work together in service to their mission.

Over its first several decades in business Sandhills Publishing expanded its national and global presence, moving into the agriculture, transportation, and aviation industries and scaling its print and online brands with growing demand. Investments in operational technologies led to evolutions in product offerings and expansions into retail, wholesale, and auction markets. As Sandhills leveraged online and cloud technology to build its brands, it simultaneously expanded product offerings to provide hosted tech solutions to brokers, auctioneers, dealerships, service providers, and manufacturers in these industries worldwide. A period of substantial international growth followed, including a number of noteworthy overseas acquisitions and the formation of four international subsidiaries. With an established global presence, the company turned focus to data collection, management, and output, scaling its tech infrastructure and data processing personnel to offer powerful, real-time solutions that have fundamentally evolved the way buyers and sellers in these industries do business.

The new name speaks as much to the company’s roots as it does to its evolution and future. “Since the beginning, we’ve remained focused on gathering, processing, and distributing information in our core industries,” said Sandhills Global’s Chief Operations Officer Shawn Peed. “While print publishing remains a key component of our business, intentional and disciplined investments in technology have evolved our methodologies and offerings. The new name honors our roots and emphasizes the value we place on both the contributions and potential of every individual within the organization as we continue to build solutions that evolve the industries we serve on a global scale.”