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June 2020

Sandhills Introduces Fast Track Iron, A Wholesale Dealer Network

LINCOLN, Nebraska — October 27, 2014

Sandhills Publishing is pleased to introduce Fast Track Iron, an Internet-based software program for equipment dealers moving inventory at wholesale. The software simplifies the process by enabling dealers to communicate directly using the familiar, user-friendly interface of Fast Track, Sandhills’ long-standing parts and attachments network, to post and browse whole-goods equipment listings. The interface is fully integrated into Sandhills’ Dealer Services software so dealers can seamlessly manage inventory at every step of the process, regardless of the avenue through which it is sold.

Sandhills is highly regarded in the equipment industries it serves for its widely used trade publications and websites—Truck Paper (, TractorHouse (, Machinery Trader ( and Executive Controller (, and Charter Hub (—each designed to meet the needs of both buyers and sellers as well-established, user-friendly resources in their respective markets. Regular advertisers in these publications gain access to Sandhills’ Dealer Services software, a collection of Internet-based tools designed to help dealers manage aspects of their businesses that extend beyond sales and marketing into customer and inventory management, workflow and internal operations, accounting, human resource management, and more. The newest addition to Dealer Services, Fast Track Iron, gives dealers the ability to move equipment across a wholesale dealer-to-dealer network quickly and easily.

At no additional cost, Fast Track Iron allows dealers to buy and sell wholesale equipment and machinery directly within a network of qualified dealerships. "What makes Fast Track Iron stand out are its customizable filters," explains Assistant Department Manager Mark Van Zee, who was heavily involved in the development of the software. "Dealers control which listings they would like to see, as well as which pieces of their own inventory they would like other dealers to see. This gives dealers control over who purchases from them at wholesale," he explains. "It also ensures that dealers are not inundated with emails and information about machines they have no interest in."

The service was announced to existing customers earlier this year, and drew much attention at Sandhills’ Dealer Forum, a biannual event that brings together dealers from all over the world to attend informational seminars and participate in roundtable discussions and breakout sessions. At the forum, dealers provided feedback and input about the specific features and capabilities of the software while it was still in development. Software solutions hosted by Sandhills are designed and constructed in-house through processes that often involve customers, sales reps, analysts, and developers. Collaborative efforts such as these ensure that developers are able to incorporate customer feedback and create products that continuously improve the user experience.

A veteran in the industries it serves, Sandhills’ approach is industry-specific and customizable, ensuring that technologies are designed around the needs of each customers’ businesses. Ultimately, Fast Track Iron provides dealers with yet another audience and outlet for moving equipment.