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June 2020

Sandhills Publishing To Host Global Forum Industry Event In Lincoln, Nebraska

LINCOLN, Nebraska — July 18, 2017

Sandhills Publishing is gearing up to host its annual Global Forum for professionals in the construction, agriculture, transportation and aviation industries on August 8th and 9th in Lincoln, Nebraska. The two-day event will bring together hundreds of dealers, equipment and inventory managers, auctioneers, and other professionals within these industries from all over the world. It’s an opportunity for attendees to network, discuss market trends, gain industry insights, and learn about the evolutions and rollouts on deck from Sandhills’ development teams. Last year’s forum brought more than 300 attendees; this year’s is expected to draw even more.

The Global Forum kicks off Tuesday, August 8th with the option for participants to play in a scramble-style golf tournament or attend a guided tour of Toro ranch, a cattle ranch in the Sandhills of Nebraska. On Wednesday, attendees will participate in roundtable discussions, workshops, and seminars addressing challenges and opportunities in their industries. Seminars will include topics related to profitable inventory workflow management, including assessing asset value, moving equipment at retail, wholesale, and auction, and after-sale practices for data management and customer follow-up. Sandhills reps will work with attendees one-on-one and in workshops to demonstrate how to leverage cutting-edge, industry-specific tools to grow businesses. Attendees will also have the opportunity to consult with Sandhills’ in-house teams—from web developers and marketers to data analysts and designers—who offer insights into the solutions available to address their unique challenges.

Forum events, including the Global Forum and regional forums held regularly at cities across the country, are also an opportunity for Sandhills to gather customers’ insights and feedback, which inform future developments and updates. “We build many of our products and services in house, from the ground up,” explains Sandhills’ Chief Administration Officer Nancy Paasch. “The Global Forum is not only an opportunity for dealers to gain valuable insights, it provides us key feedback as we continue to launch new products and evolve the functionalities of existing products to better serve our customers and end users.” Sandhills will also unveil a host of new products and feature updates, giving early adopters the chance to capitalize on their market reach and efficiency.