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June 2020

Sandhills Publishing Reports Record-Breaking $2.93 Billion across Auction Platforms in 2018

LINCOLN, Nebraska — January 14, 2019

Sandhills Publishing’s auction platforms and services capped a record-breaking year, exceeding $2.93 billion (gross merchandise value) in 2018. The total includes sales of equipment, trucks, trailers, collectibles, memorabilia, real estate, and other merchandise and assets listed through, Pre-AuctionTime,, Equipmentfacts, and Each of the platforms reported its highest annual sales to date. and Pre-AuctionTime posted a record-breaking 2018, selling over $683.1 million (gross auction proceeds) in equipment, trucks, and trailers. processed over 3.2 million bids on 80,054 individual assets listed by 2,825 unique sellers in its weekly online auctions. Assets sold to buyers in all 50 U.S. states, all 10 Canadian provinces, and 91 additional countries worldwide. BidCaller and Equipmentfacts, simulcast and bidder management solutions that facilitate live and online bidding, accepted hundreds of thousands of bids from buyers all over the world. In total, the combined value of assets that moved through the software in 2018 exceeded $830.6 million. reported a 2018 gross merchandise value exceeding $1.37 billion. Over the course of the year, the platform sold over 9.5 million items to bidders in all 50 U.S. states, all 10 Canadian provinces, and 55 countries worldwide.

Sandhills’ Director of New Products Evan Welch attributes the growth to the company’s strategic combining of forces through product evolutions and reinvestments in the utility and scope of each platform. “We’re actively working to evolve these products in ways that add value for our auctioneers and for their customers,” explained Welch. Even as Sandhills’ auction products and services progress, their core value propositions remain focused, he added. “Our auction solutions follow a simple formula: They are user-friendly and cost-effective, and they leverage diverse, multi-channel exposure to get lots in front of as many of the right buyers as possible for consistently superior results.”