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June 2020

VS Networks & Sandhills Publishing to Place In-Store SmartPlay Kiosks in AGCO Dealerships

LINCOLN, Nebraska — January 15, 2019

VS Networks, in association with Sandhills Publishing, will place SmartPlay in-store digital kiosks in AGCO dealerships. AGCO dealerships will be able to feed used equipment listings directly to in-store touch screens and the branded kiosks give customers the opportunity to browse equipment listings of interest, including inventory on the lot or at the dealership’s other locations. As part of the agreement, AGCO will offer kiosk reimbursement for eligible AGCO dealerships.

VS Networks, which specializes in digital and interactive signage, partnered with Sandhills Publishing early last year to offer in-store listing displays powered by Sandhills’ cloud-based inventory management and multi-channel marketing solutions. With the partnership, dealerships are able to manage and advertise inventory through the mobile-friendly platform, which seamlessly communicates with Sandhills’ trade websites (including,, and to feed live inventory. In-store kiosks turn on and off and update automatically; inventory listings also synchronize across platforms.

“The SmartPlay touchscreen is a plug-and-play solution for dealers to enhance the customer experience by placing used equipment information at their fingertips,” said Michael Milstead, AGCO’s senior marketing manager of used equipment. “The kiosk provides additional support while giving the dealer’s showroom a more professional and updated feel.”

For Sandhills, it’s another product evolution that aims to seamlessly connect equipment buyers and sellers to streamline service and sales, noted Sandhills’ Director of New Products Evan Welch. “We continue to build our relationship with AGCO and align technology offerings to benefit its brands and dealerships.”