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June 2020

Sandhills Publishing Partners with RoviTracker to Offer Telematics Technology with Integrated Asset Valuation Data

LINCOLN, Nebraska — June 21, 2018

Equipment dealers and rental and leasing companies can now source telematics devices and packages through Sandhills Publishing’s Machinery Trader, TractorHouse, and Truck Paper. As part of a partnership with RoviTracker, a transparency platform centered on the collection and utilization of data pertaining to heavy equipment, Sandhills Publishing will integrate data solutions that align utilization metrics with asset valuations to help equipment dealers and rental and leasing companies make strategic fleet management decisions.

RoviTracker is a telematics company specializing in the equipment, agriculture, and trucking industries. Its technologies operate in the IoT (Internet of Things) space, collecting data from heavy equipment such as GPS location, engine run times, battery voltage, PSI, fluid levels, temperature, solar chargers, video, motion, and more. That data then becomes accessible in real-time through transparency platforms and report generators that provide key insights into utilization at job sites, fuel transparency, equipment misuse, and other crucial efficiencies and discrepancies. In partnership with Sandhills, RoviTracker is able to reach buyers in the market for its telematics devices and technology through targeted advertising on Sandhills Publishing’s industry-specific trade websites.

The partnership will also take RoviTracker’s data a step further by integrating asset valuations powered by Sandhills’ FleetEvaluator—a dynamic valuation software that weighs real-time data against key market considerations and health-of-the-market indicators to generate accurate asset valuations. Instant access to these crucial datasets presents clear advantages for users. The upcoming data integrations also add value to RoviTracker’s product offerings for new and existing clients. “We're excited to work with Sandhills Publishing because of its extensive presence, understanding, and vision in the heavy equipment space,” says Alain Eav, CEO of RoviTracker. “This partnership offers our clients a quick, simple solution for asset valuations,” he adds, noting the crucial advantage of real-time data. “In today’s markets, stale data is virtually useless; it’s an expense that weighs on the bottom line—similar to having old, exhausted machinery in the yard. Together, RoviTracker and Sandhills Publishing can provide a solution that allows dealerships and rental and leasing companies to make the most profitable decisions for their fleets.”

“Accurate asset valuations ultimately influence short- and long-term utilization strategy and the route to liquidation,” adds Sandhills Publishing’s Moani Baumfalk, who is working with dealerships and rental and leasing companies to leverage these technologies to streamline data capture technology and fleet management tools for rental equipment. “Partnering with RoviTracker allows us to align that data with other crucial utilization and profitability metrics so that dealers and rental and leasing companies can access the real-time information they need to make smart business decisions and capitalize on market opportunities.”