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June 2020

Sandhills Publishing To Begin Construction On New Building In Early September

LINCOLN, Nebraska — August 25, 2016

Sandhills Publishing will break ground on a new 42,000-square-foot office building on its 68-acre global headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska in the coming weeks. Initially announced last winter, the Cyber Center will accommodate the company’s recent and projected growth, adding 240 employee workstations and a reception area and café space, along with classrooms and other meeting areas. The announcement follows the recent completion of a new IT facility as well as expansions to the company’s on-site press facility that roughly doubled its output capacity.

Growth Across Markets
The Cyber Center accommodates both past and future growth as Sandhills continues to expand its product and service offerings. Investments in scaling the IT and production sides of the company have paved the way for future growth. “We’ve experienced continued growth across every industry we serve, including with AuctionTime and our trade publications,” explains Sandhills’ Chief Operations Officer Shawn Peed. “With the infrastructure now in place in our production facility and on the IT side with the recent addition of the Binary Building, the Cyber Center will allow us to essentially double our salesforce.”

Sandhills’ industry-leading brands—including Machinery Trader, TractorHouse, Truck Paper, Controller, and—serve buyers and sellers all over the world in the construction, agriculture, transportation, aviation, and technology industries. The company distributes over 5 million publications every month, and its websites receive more than 16 million monthly visits. In addition to providing customers direct access to buyers in retail, auction, and wholesale markets, Sandhills also delivers practical tools for managing nearly every aspect of internal business operations. This has led to continued investments in expanding and diversifying the scope of its cloud-hosted technologies, platform-agnostic mobile business solutions, and online services across both primary and periphery markets within these industries.

“We continue to see demand from the market to develop and expand upon the products and services that we offer,” explains Peed. “As we gather and process more information and develop these tools, we need additional employees to better support our current and future customers.”

Design & Features
Adjacent to the campus’s recently constructed Binary Building (an IT facility completed in October of last year), the Cyber Center will be primarily designated as additional office space for current and future employees. The building also includes classrooms and other training areas for employees and customers, as well as a reception area and café space.

The Cyber Center will be the third structure on campus that is gold certified by the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program. The facility will incorporate cutting-edge technologies that increase water and energy efficiencies, and will be largely constructed of recycled and reclaimed materials. “Sustainable use of resources and respect for our community are principles deeply ingrained in Sandhills’ company culture,” explains Chief Administration Officer Nancy Paasch. “We have continued to uphold those values in planning the Cyber Center.”

With the construction of the new facility, Sandhills will continue to seek candidates for vacant positions in sales, marketing, human resources, software and database development, design, and more. This includes positions within the highly regarded internship program, which focuses on providing students hands-on experience in a collaborative and team-focused environment. For more information about internship and career opportunities at Sandhills, visit, and follow Sandhills Publishing on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for future updates.