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June 2020

Sandhills Global’s Market Data Reveals Hidden Value In Canadian Used Ag Equipment Market

LINCOLN, Nebraska — June 10, 2020

New data from Sandhills Global indicate that aging tractor inventory in the Canadian used equipment market is trending upward in value, creating opportunities for increasing revenues. Sandhills, the technology company behind,,,,, and other industry-leading websites, monitors and analyzes market data worldwide across the agriculture, construction, and commercial trucking industries.

Emerging Trends

“Specifically, we are seeing a trend in Canada where inventory levels of late-model tractors are trending down,” says Chuck Lewis, Sandhills’ Director of EMEA, “whereas inventory levels of seven- to 10-year-old tractors are trending up.” This is noteworthy in part because it differs from current trends in the United States equipment market.

This is a small sample of the information available from Sandhills’ industry market reports, which include detailed breakdowns by inventory age, specification, and usage groups.

Want To Know More?

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