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Piston Single, Turboprop Aircraft Values Still Gaining Altitude Despite Continued Growth in Inventory Levels

LINCOLN, Nebraska — May 12, 2022

The latest Sandhills Global market report on the aviation industry reflects a third consecutive month of inventory expansion across all categories after a long, steady decline. However, the recent sustained growth in inventory levels hasn’t reversed the rise in asking values for piston single or turboprop aircraft in Sandhills marketplaces....
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Leading Indicators in Heavy-Duty Truck Market Signal Weakening Asking Values

LINCOLN, Nebraska—May 11, 2022 — May 11, 2022

Noteworthy shifts in equipment market trends indicate it’s a good time for dealers, fleet owners, operators, and rental companies to assess the values at risk with their machines. Such a shift is currently occurring in the heavy-duty truck market as outlined in the latest Sandhills Global Market Reports....
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Newest Sandhills Global Market Reports Identify Regional Variabilities in Used Inventory Levels and Equipment Values

LINCOLN, Nebraska — April 21, 2022

Regional factors are essential considerations when obtaining accurate valuations on used machines. The latest Sandhills Global Market Reports spotlight geographic variables by examining the inventory and value trends in Sandhills’ used construction equipment, farm machinery, and heavy-duty truck markets....
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Aircraft Inventory Levels Improve Across Categories, but Values Still Rising or Holding

LINCOLN, Nebraska — April 12, 2022

The latest Sandhills Global market report on the aviation industry indicates an across-the-board, month-over-month expansion in pre-owned inventory, although the number of available aircraft remains markedly low compared to a year ago....
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Used Truck Inventory Displays Largest Month-to-Month Increase Since Q3 2018

LINCOLN, Nebraska — April 7, 2022

March inventory levels for used heavy-duty trucks were up 10 percentage points from February, according to the latest Sandhills Global Market Report examining heavy-duty truck trends....
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Inventory Levels Show Signs of Life in Certain Truck and Construction Equipment Segments

LINCOLN, Nebraska — March 21, 2022

The latest Sandhills Global Market Reports point to inventory level improvements within certain age groups in Sandhills’ truck and construction equipment marketplaces. While used farm equipment inventory remains fairly flat month-over-month since Q4 2021, inventory levels among late-model trucks and construction equipment aged 10 to 25 years posted increases....
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Jet Aircraft Asking Values Trending Upward Amidst Inventory Shortages

LINCOLN, Nebraska — March 18, 2022

A new aviation industry market report from Sandhills Global illustrates continued growth in jet aircraft values in Sandhills marketplaces. Year-over-year trends in the pre-owned aircraft market indicate that unusually low levels of inventory are continuing to drive values skyward, especially in the large jet aircraft segment....
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RVUniverse Diversifies Print Magazine, Launches New Regional Editions

LINCOLN, Nebraska — March 14, 2022

Sandhills Global, the company behind, announces the launch of two regional U.S. editions of RVUniverse magazine...
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Inventory Levels Flatten in Heavy-Duty Truck and Farm Equipment Markets

LINCOLN, Nebraska — March 11, 2022

The newest Sandhills Global Market Report spotlights flattening inventory levels in Sandhills marketplaces, particularly in the heavy-duty truck and farm equipment markets....
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Late-Model Piston Single and Turboprop Aircraft Values Evince Historic Month-Over-Month Gains

LINCOLN, Nebraska — March 10, 2022

The newest aviation industry market reports from Sandhills Global reflect considerable increases in the asking values for piston single and turboprop aircraft in Sandhills marketplaces in just a short span of time....
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Lack of New Equipment Production Drives Declines in Late-Model Used Equipment

LINCOLN, Nebraska — February 23, 2022

According to the newest Sandhills Global Market Report, protracted supply chain issues in used equipment markets have impacted inventory levels across all equipment age groups within Sandhills Global marketplaces....
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Inventory Declines Across High-Volume Age Groups Driving Equipment Value Increases

LINCOLN, Nebraska — February 11, 2022

The newest Sandhills Global Market Report spotlights how inventory declines in certain age groups are driving value increases in Sandhills’ heavy-duty truck, construction equipment, and farm equipment markets....
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Used Piston Single and Turboprop Aircraft Values Increased Sharply in January, Driven by Older Aircraft

LINCOLN, Nebraska — February 9, 2022

The latest Sandhills Global aviation industry market reports track the recent dramatic rise in the asking values for piston single and turboprop aircraft....
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New Sandhills Global Market Data Underscores Volatility in Short-Term Equipment Value Trends

LINCOLN, Nebraska — January 20, 2022

Recent equipment value movement across heavy-duty sleeper trucks show just how volatile values can be from month to month. A new Sandhills Global Market Report details that, from November to December 2021, heavy-duty sleeper truck values in Sandhills marketplaces rose 19.2% at auction, while asking values were up 18.3% M/M. The report also examines the short-term value trends in crawler excavators and high-horsepower (300-HP and greater) tractors....
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Turboprop Aircraft Values Steadily Increasing Amid Tight Inventory Levels, According to Sandhills Global Market Report

LINCOLN, Nebraska — January 10, 2022

The latest Sandhills Global aviation market report finds that asking values for turboprop aircraft in Sandhills marketplaces increased 4.8% year-over-year from December 2020 to December 2021. Dwindling used turboprop aircraft inventory levels, especially in key age groups and for certain models, remain a primary driver of asking value increases....
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Late-Model Sleeper Truck Inventory Rebounds as Auction, Asking Prices Continue Rising Across Industries

LINCOLN, Nebraska — January 10, 2022

Amidst record-breaking end-of-year auctions and strong year-end retail sales, auction and asking values for used equipment and trucks in Sandhills Global marketplaces continued their upward trend. Furthermore, according to a new Sandhills Global Market Report, a more prominent (22%) increase in inventory levels for sleeper trucks in the 0- to 5-year age group came as a pleasant surprise for the trucking industry, although the number of used semi tractors on the market remain only half that of December 2020....
Read More Closes 2021 with 3-Day, Record-Setting $72 Million Sale

LINCOLN, Nebraska — January 4, 2022 continued its record-setting success in 2021 with the largest December sale in its history. The over-$72 million sale (gross auction proceeds) spanned three days and is the culmination of’s massive end-of-year auctions throughout December. The recent sale drew more than 12,800 unique bidders placing bids from around the world vying for over 4,300 assets....
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As Equipment Inventory Levels Drop, Gap Narrows Between Auction Values and Asking Values

LINCOLN, Nebraska — December 22, 2021

A new Sandhills Global Market Report finds that low inventory levels among commercial trucks, construction equipment, and farm machinery in Sandhills marketplaces have resulted in a narrowing gap between auction and asking values....
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New Sandhills Global Market Report Underscores Supply and Demand Trends Impacting the Aviation Industry

LINCOLN, Nebraska — December 10, 2021

Sandhills Global announces a new market report identifying noteworthy supply and demand trends within the used piston single aircraft category in Sandhills marketplaces....
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Auction Values Increasing Across Equipment Industries, Generating Big Returns

LINCOLN, Nebraska — December 8, 2021

Auction values in Sandhills Global marketplaces were up 74% year-over-year in November for used heavy-duty trucks, up 18.2% YOY for used construction equipment, and up 14.5% YOY for used agriculture equipment, according to a new Sandhills Global Market Report....
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Values Still Rising on Late-Model Used Sleeper Trucks, Dozers, and High-Horsepower Tractors

LINCOLN, Nebraska — November 24, 2021

As supply chain disruptions continue to hinder the production of new commercial trucks, construction machinery, and agricultural equipment, prices are likewise continuing to climb....
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Sandhills Market Snapshot Shows Dozer Values Trending Up at Auction and Retail, Wheel Loader Values Remain Steady

LINCOLN, Nebraska — November 24, 2021

New market reporting from Sandhills Global examines the used heavy-duty construction market, which in October posted a 17% year-over-year increase in auction values and a 11.4% YOY increase in asking values....
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Sharply Rising Equipment Values Being Pushed by Steep Inventory Declines Across Industries

LINCOLN, Nebraska — November 8, 2021

The declining inventory levels seen throughout September continued unabated in major equipment categories during October, and a new Sandhills Global Market Report indicates used equipment values are responding with steep value increases as supply diminishes....
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Used Truck Values Continue Historic Ascent and Construction Equipment Values Remain Flat as Farm Machinery Dips Slightly

LINCOLN, Nebraska — October 19, 2021

As used heavy equipment inventory levels continue to decline, a new Sandhills Global Market Report indicates nuanced trends in machinery values within each industry....
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Combine Values Increasing as Inventory Continues to Decline, Reaching Lows Not Seen Since 10 Years Ago

LINCOLN, Nebraska — September 29, 2021

As we near the end of Q3 2021, combine inventory levels are well below historic levels in Sandhills marketplaces, according to a new Sandhills Global Market Report. At the same time, the percentage of combine inventory sold has increased 4.9 percentage points year-over-year, indicating an increased demand for combines. The coinciding inventory trends have strongly contributed to the recent increase in combine values....
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